The Real Betis coach, Manuel Pellegrini, highlighted the “excitement” of his team to win this Thursday’s match against Manchester United in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16, at the same time that he pointed out that if they are “the same team as always” the match at Old Trafford will be “very close”.

“For me, a good result is always winning. Afterwards, I prefer there to be a good exhibition, that we be the closest to what we play in the domestic championship. Maybe they beat us, but if we are the same team as always, it will be a very close match”, said the coach at a press conference.

The Chilean confessed his “illusion” and recalled his last games at Old Trafford. “The game is very important, we are all excited. Last year we couldn’t get through this phase because the champion eliminated us. We played against a very important team, but we are going to try from the first minute. I was fortunate to play two editions of the Champions with the Villarreal and later with the Manchester City and the West Ham. They were big parties”, expressed.

The Betic coach confessed that the rivalry with United continues to exist after his three seasons in charge of the ‘citicen’ bench. “They were three unforgettable years where there was an important rivalry. Luckily we were able to overcome them and we got the Premier League. The most important thing now is Betis, but it is evident that there is a rivalry that exists,” he said.

The Betis coach puffed up his team’s strengths and insisted on his desire to “go one step further”. “I have the feeling that we are doing important things. We must continue trying to go one step further than what has been achieved. Conformism is not in our group. It will be a great game and I hope to qualify,” he said.

The coach did not want to talk about United’s heavy defeat against Liverpool last Saturday, stressing that “they will surely recover.” “Rather than playing against a team that lost 7-0, we are going to play against a team that has only lost two of the last 21 games. I’m sure they will recover. I don’t think one can, for better or worse, be expecting what is going to happen or the rival that is going to find”, he assured.

“It is very important to know that it is the first game of the two that there are. You have to be very focused. But whatever the result, it cannot be considered won or lost because the return is in Seville,” he concluded.

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