CA Osasuna sent this Wednesday a letter to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) to formally request a review of both the technology that supports the refereeing group and its application protocol , a technology that he describes as “deficient”.

The rojillo team continues to demand an explanation after Monday’s matchday 24 of LaLiga Santander, where a goal against Jagoba Arrasate’s team was annulled due to a positional offside. Osasuna claimed shortly after the match ended that “the image offered by the VAR on the position of ‘Chimy’ Ávila does not prove in any way the supposed irregular position of the striker in action.”

Two days later, Osasuna continues to ask for explanations, as well as “clarification on the procedures used when disallowing Ez Abde’s goal in the match against Real Club Celta last Monday”, including in his shipment an audiovisual study, prepared with three-dimensional technology.

“From Club Atlético Osasuna we are writing to you to request an in-depth review of the technological processes that support arbitration in Spanish football. The application of these tools must be rigorous and be at the level of a top-level competition such as LaLiga Santander,” the letter says.

“The image offered by the VAR showed that the references taken from the Osasunista striker and the last Celtic defender were not similar, since the lines drawn originated from different parts of the arms of both footballers,” he adds.

On the other hand, Osasuna points out that the three-dimensional study “evidence that the lines offered by the VAR were drawn incorrectly, which conditioned the referee’s resolution to be accurate.” “This is the fact that centers our concern, since the substance of what happened is not whether the arbitration decision favors or harms one club or another, but rather that the method used to draw the lines is inappropriate for a professional category and even for the times in which we live, in which technological progress is an almost daily constant”, he points out.

In addition, the Navarrese team also asks for clarification why the review of Ez Abde’s goal “only required 53 seconds.” “With a constructive spirit, Osasuna asks the RFEF and the CTA to thoroughly review both the technological system used and its application procedures,” he explains.

“It is inadmissible that an arbitration decision be determined by deficient technology or a bad application of it. Errors such as the aforementioned seriously question the use of the adopted technology, which must be infallible, facilitate the work of the referees and contribute to that the arbitration decisions are as fair as possible”, ends the letter from Francisco Canal Fidalgo, general director of Club Atlético Osasuna.

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