“I don’t have a mania for Barça, Laporta is making a mistake, let him knock on another door”


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured this Wednesday that he does not have a “mania” for FC Barcelona and that he believes that Joan Laporta and the Barça club “are wrong” by blaming the employers for a “campaign” against him for the ‘ Negreira case’, for which he advised the Catalan leader “less victimization and more clarity”, and made it clear that “if someone has tried to cheat, they will have to have consequences” in the relevant area.

“FC Barcelona took out a note saying that they did it all (the payments to the CTA) and that it was a common practice. Now we are in that Thebes is the author and the victim, after the initial excuse. The ‘monster’ is leaving getting bigger and he continues without giving explanations. It’s Tebas’s fault, but he’s making the wrong room door. My advice is less victimization and more clarity about what happened,” Tebas told the media after renewing the agreement from LaLiga with Carolina Marín.

The leader insisted that “Spanish football needs clarity” and stressed that if it is “dirty, it will have consequences”. “We are clear about it, it doesn’t matter to us if the club has a zero or 18 zeros, the reputation of the competition comes first. If someone has tried to cheat, they will have to have consequences in the areas that we can. We will work to find the responsible, whoever they are,” he reiterated.

“It is a joke that he says that we carry out a campaign against Barça. Perhaps clubs that cheat are those that do not interest us in the competition. It is victimhood, we are fulfilling our role,” he said.

Thebes repeated that what LaLiga is looking for is for “things to be clarified”. “This question looks bad”, he lamented, although he does not believe that the “irregular and non-logical behavior” of FC Barcelona, ​​when making payments to the former vice president of the CTA José María Enríquez Negreira, entails a “withdrawal of titles”. “We want you to act in accordance with what the investigation says, you have to see how far that intention has gone,” he commented.


For Tebas, everything that surrounds the “Negreira case” “is very sad.” “You have to investigate if he tried to influence, but it is clear that there has been a very irregular situation, susceptible to being investigated from the field of sports corruption. Only the intention of buying a game or acting thinking that you could influence a designation can be crime,” he recalled.

“UEFA has already requested information from the RFEF and we reported the situation to UEFA two days after it came to light, something that other institutions did not do. Their statutes provide that when the national leagues cannot intervene for any reason, they yes”, he advanced, after reiterating that they will be presented as a private prosecution when the ‘Negreira case’ reaches the court. “Which other institutions have not done,” he criticized.

In addition, he charged against Barça for his accusations that he intends to convert him into a Sports Limited Company (SAD). “Let him look at another door, at another that he calls many times and goes in and out. He is making a mistake, what interests do we have in FC Barcelona becoming SAD, the other way around. Maybe the one at the other door sees that they become SAD and say ‘I like it the other way’. We don’t have a mania for Barça and he knows it”, he stressed.

Finally, he described it as an “occurrence” on the part of the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, to say that the ‘Negreira case’ comes to light when talking about LaLiga’s dispute with the Premier League and its “‘rich'”. “Rubiales does not have an order of priority in values. In the hypothetical case that what he says is true, which is not, the important thing is the background of the ‘Negreira case’, not if it came out at the same time as the Premier Just by seeing who moves the branches of the media trees one realizes where it comes from”, he settled.

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