The good weather arrives, and many people are looking forward to getting diving on beaches and rocky cliffs. Forget the cylinder and dive until 12 meters deep during 5 hours straightwith SeeAir.

In many sea beds of our coasts it is hardly necessary to dive to 8 or 10 meters to find a rich fauna of animals and plants. But by the time you dive deeper than 3-4 meters, you already need a oxygen tankif you want to hold out a bit.

These scuba tanks are expensive, require equipment, and have to be recharged. You can rent them, but it is money that you have to spend every time you go diving.

SeeAir, diving without cylinder

SeeAir proposes to you dive free and no weight on the back. It is a buoy that collects fresh air, filters it, purifies it, and pumps it through a cable to your mouth. You can see it in action in the opening video of the news.

The buoy floats in the water, and follows you wherever you want, so you can dive as far as you want. The only limitation is the 12 meter cable that carries the air, and that logically should not collide or roll up with anything.

You cannot go down to 8,336 meters deep to contemplate the almost alien fish that we have seen today. But at 12 meters you can see very interesting things, take photos or fish.

This underwater scooter helps you dive like a pro

SeeAir also has a powerful underwater flashlight, in case you need light while diving. Very useful if it gets dark without you noticing.

It has a battery with an autonomy of 5 hours, so it lasts for several sessions.

SeeAir It seeks financing on KickStarter, where it already accumulates 50 times more money than it needed to be manufactured. It has a price of 278 euros, and they ship from September. It’s the bad thing, that you miss the summer season…

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