The utility of a map It depends on the information it contains. Over the past few months we’ve seen a huge amount of maps that have different types of information on them, and while directions to a place are usually what you’d expect, many maps have more information than that.

The one that we have found today and that has been inspired by a Reddit post has a single mission and that is to anger people living in Europe. Yes, that is his mission and it may seem second-rate, but the truth is quite interesting. Of course, to anger European men and women, what has been done is to use stereotypes.

Yes, it is clear that to say a sentence and get several people angry with it, it has to appeal to the most basic drives of human beings. In other words, it must attack the sense of cohesion felt by people who belong to the same country and, therefore, directly offend what they feel and believe.

Taking this into account, there are sentences that are not quite simple and that at a historical level explain the reason why the citizens of these countries can get so angry. There is a phrase for the vast majority of countries, we are going to see the ones that are funniest and, above all, those that are offensive within good taste in the culture of each country.

This map shows you the phrases with which you can offend different citizens of European countries

In the case of Spain the phrase is quite typical and clear, although it refers to a type of tourism or visitor to the peninsula that is not at all pleasant. The supposed way in which the Spanish would be offended is if someone asks them the following “Am you’re Latino?” which translates to “So you are Latino?”.

This map allows you to anger every country in Europe with just one sentence

Come on, confuse Spain with Mexico or any other country in South America. The next thing a Spaniard would be offended by would be by simplifying Spanish culture into these elements: tortilla, paella, bullfighting, and flamenco. What has been said, throwing a stereotype into the air that may not sit well with the inhabitants of a country.

If we go to Portugal, the phrase that would be used to anger would be born to indicate that the Portuguese country is basically an appendage of Spain and that, instead of speaking Portuguese, they speak Brazilian. Yes, supposedly with that, both the inhabitants of Spain and Portugal would get angry. This map can be useful if offending is what you want.

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