Little remains to be said about the figure of Steve Jobs. Although he passed away in 2011, he achieved more in business and in life than most people and still leaves great lessons on coping with work life.

In this case focuses on the idea of ​​starting a business and being an entrepreneur, something that currently many young and not so young are deciding to do. From Jobs’ point of view, it is essential to live the experience of being an employee, but he encourages anyone with a modicum of enthusiasm to start their own company.

“To reach out and make recommendations and not own the results, not own the implications, (provides) a fraction of the value and a fraction of the opportunity to learn how to be better”Jobs explains. “Without the experience of actually doing it, you never become three-dimensional”Add.

there is the crux of the question for this character: get out of the routine, break with your comforts —although always with clear goals— to achieve what you want, even if you make mistakes in the process.

Elon Musk

without fear of failure

The truth is that it is impossible to build an innovative company if you are afraid of taking risks and making mistakes. Jobs didn’t mind making mistakes and knew it was best to accept them and move on quickly.

He botched many times early in his career, including poor products and poor management decisions. After co-founding Apple in 1976, he was fired from the company in 1985 and returned in 1997. He made many mistakes, but he was never afraid to go with his gut and break convention.

His career shows that failure is normal, and what you learn from your failures is what matters. “I was never as dedicated, engaged, or committed as when I started doing freelance writing jobs at night and on weekends. Or when I decided to make my side job (although that term hadn’t been coined yet) my occupation,” adds Steve Jovs.

“Start a business or side hustle and you’ll be free to chart your own course. To make your own decisions. To make your own mistakes”Jobs ends with his recommendations.

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