The air fryers They have become very popular in recent years due to their ability to cook food in a healthier way than conventional deep fryers. Despite the fact that they are an excellent option for making different types of dishes, it is important to bear in mind that there are certain precautions that we must take to avoid damaging the equipment.

And, it is that, since the appearance of air fryers, a huge number of tips and tricks have come to light to clean them. Normally these tricks are interesting and, above all, useful. But this is not always the case like some of the tricks that have been appearing on TikTok in recent weeks.

Specifically, a trick has become very popular by which to clean the air fryer what is done is to introduce a certain amount of water with detergent so that, with the heat of the fryer, it cleans itself completely automatically. It seems the best idea that could have been conceived and could have been given by the most brilliant minds on the planet.

What happens is that this idea can cause your air fryer to break down completely or, at best, shorten its lifespan. Yes, pouring water into your air fryer basket is not the best idea in the world, and in fact is not recommended by any manufacturer. Although the process may seem similar to cleaning the oven with steam, what happens is different.

Don’t Follow TikTok’s Trick To Clean Your Air Fryer

It should be noted that although the air fryer uses hot air Like the fan mode of the oven, the design of these two appliances is completely different. In the air fryer, this air is channeled from the upper area and, in fact, the fryer basket has been designed in such a way that it allows hot air to pass through.

When you pour water into the basket, it is located in the lower area so it does not allow the air to follow the course established by the manufacturer and causes it to present several problems, the most worrying being that it calls into question the integrity of the own air fryer. Considering this, it makes no sense to use this cleaning technique..

The best way to clean an air fryer is to remove the basket where the food is located and after that place it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand until it is completely clean.

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