SpaceX has published a spectacular video where he shows us what a hypothetical colonization of marsin a few decades.

In November 2024 the first astronauts to the Moon, which have already been chosen, but will not land. That will happen in 2025.

One of those astronauts, Victor Glover, has said these days that “The first human beings to go to Mars have already been born” Taking into account the average age of current astronauts, Glover predicts a trip to Mars within 30 or 40 years.

SpaceX is not satisfied with taking astronauts to the Red planet. You also want to establish a human colony. And in the video that you can see at the opening of the news, he shows us how it will be.


The rocket that will take those brave explorers to Mars, is already in development. She is called Starship, and she has already ascended a few hundred meters, in the first tests. She though she ended up crashing.

In the video we can see an evolved version of the starshipwhich takes off with a classic movement of Two phases– One part of the rocket is used to escape Earth’s gravity, and the top half is the one that travels to Mars.

He rocket of the first phase it returns to Earth and lands autonomously, as is now the case with SpaceX’s Falcon rockets. But here we have the first curiosity: instead of landing on a maritime platform, it does so at the launch base itself.

SpaceX vision not one, but several ships traveling at the same time to Mars. From the shape, it seems that some are transport ships of materials, resources and food.

These are the only photos of the surface of Venus that exist, and for good reason.

Upon arriving at Marsthere is already one established colony. an immense transparent domeand inside it seem to grow plants.

The ships land in a designated area, with various launch tracks. An image with the astronauts exiting the spacecraft fades to black. We are left wanting to see what would that martian colony be like inside. Maybe for the second part…

SpaceX is already planning the journey and the colonization of Mars. This video shows us how he imagines that trip. For now, it’s still science fiction…

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