Last week something happened that left us speechless: a huge white balloon floating above American territory. After the first questions came the order: “Shoot it down, it’s not ours!” was heard at the headquarters of the United States Air Force.

This unidentified flying object, also known as a UFO, did not have the United States seal on it, so it could only be from an enemy superpower… like China. And yes, since it was shot down (you have the photo of the collection of the object on the front page of the news), the authorities have not hesitated to blame the Asian country.

And of course, what happens when you look at the sky more closely? That you start to see strange things that you didn’t before. What can become a witch hunt. Or, rather, what it has become, since we have been reporting sightings of all kinds for a week.

The number of complaints on social networks and calls to the air force has increased considerably in the United States… and in Spain, where many people have raised the alarm this week due to strange brightness in the sky. But, there is an explanation to all this.

The United States has called for calm and assures that it will investigate

The US National Security Council will lead a team of experts to “study the broader policy implications for the detection, analysis and disposal of unidentified aerial objects“The White House National Security Council spokesman told reporters on Monday.

All elements of the Government will redouble their efforts to understand and mitigate these events“, he added. The news comes after US military aircraft shot down three more unidentified objects. over the airspace of the United States and Canada over the weekend.

and although the circumstances of the three cases are similar, the Pentagon and the White House have addressed them individually. For example, the Pentagon was quick to publicly classify the Chinese balloon in terms of country of origin and intended use: surveillance of sensitive military sites.

The US military does not yet have an explanation for all the sighted objects, but it has made it clear that if they are detecting more sightings than ever it is becausesimply, They are looking for any sign of the sky after the first sighting of the Chinese balloon.

The balloon was “something that got our full attention“which prompted the military to take a closer look at US airspace and adjust radars,”which means that we are seeing more things than we would normally see“, they justify. There is no more UFO, there are the same as always.

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