There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was a visionary, and that thanks to his ideas, and also to the work of his employees, Apple is one of the most successful companies, not only today, but also of all time.

we already know Steve Jobswho was always a defender and practitioner of yoga and meditation, and who also never hid the fact that he was in full personal search for enlightenment practicing, among other things, “scream therapy”.

And make no mistake, because the scream therapy It doesn’t mean venting and going crazy for a few minutes to calm down later, but it has to do with facing each of our emotions, and also towards the negative ones.

That is why Steve jobs He did not limit himself to practicing scream therapy to get it off his chest, but to eliminate that emotional baggage that we all have on top of us.

And it is that as time goes by, a person is carrying more and more emotional baggage, family, personal or work issues, and if they are not faced at the right time, it accumulates over time until it is an unbearable burden. .

According to Andrew Huberman, via Inc, this neuroscientist points out that the fundamental benefit of practices such as scream therapy is that it will allow us to overcome almost anything faster when directly facing those emotionsno matter how negative they are.

So this therapy means that you have to feel your feelings the way you feel them in order to better cope with them.

Denial, the worst enemy

And it is that when we ignore those strong emotions and we try to stifle or hide them, they never disappear, they will reappear, and they will make life impossible for us.

So the best way to deal with it is to face this emotional baggage, however negative it may be, feel it very strongly for a while, but then download it.

When we mourn the loss of something or someone, if we face it from the beginning, we can get over it faster than if we don’t face it.

Sometimes denial is our worst enemy, and it is convenient to accept problems from the beginning. If we deny our minds that exercise of facing the emotions we feel, we are denying ourselves the ability to overcome the trauma and move on.

So specifically Steve Jobs, for his businesses, experienced those emotions and eliminated the accumulation of baggage, allowing him to be a better boss and also a better person, something that has reflected in his success after the fact.

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