An Indonesian court has sentenced this Thursday to 18 years in prison Abdul Haris, the main person in charge of organizing the soccer match that took place on October 1, 2022 and which resulted in a stampede and 135 deaths in the Kanjuruhan stadium. Malang, in the province of East Java.

“The defendant Abdul Haris is sentenced to one year and six months in prison,” the judge said, according to information from the DetikNews news portal. Haris has previously been found guilty of acting negligently.

However, the accusation requested six years and eight months in prison against him for the tragedy at the Malang stadium, the second most serious in the history of football after the stampede recorded in 1964 at the National Stadium in Peru, where 328 people died. .

During the match, fans of the Arema soccer team — which was playing against Persebaya Surabaya — stormed the field. Indonesian government reports found indications that the stampede was precisely the result of the use of tear gas by the Police, for which reason an investigation was opened into the actions of the security forces during that day.


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