He dna of four american presidents deceased, as well as the ashes of the star trek creator and several actors of the mythical saga, will rest forever in the spaceaboard the centaur vulcan rocketwhich will take off this year.

The Celestis company is organizing the enterprise missionwhich will carry into deep space the ashes or the DNA of a multitude of famous personalities and anonymous citizens. they will travel beyond the solar systemestablishing an orbit between 500 and 800 million kilometers from the Sun.

The rocket Vulcan Centaur will take to space dna of the former presidents of the United States John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, and Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower.

Four American presidents in space

The most significant choice is that of John F. Kennedythe president who launched the american space program who took mankind to the moon.

kennedy gave that mythical speech in 1962 “We don’t go to Luna because it’s easy, but because it’s hard“, which started the space race against the Soviet Union. Here you can listen to a fragment:

Unfortunately, the president could not enjoy the launch, because he was assassinated just a year laterin 1963.

They will travel to space with Kennedy the Founder of the Homeland George Washingtonhe General Eisenhowera key man in the allied victory in World War II, and ronald reagan.

Together with them, Douglas Trumbull, the pioneer creator of the special effects of classic science fiction films like A Space Odyssey and Encounters in the Third Kind, anonymous citizens whose relatives have paid the $12,500 that the trip costsand several protagonists of the star trek series.

Stardust Space, the Spanish company that will send the ashes of deceased people into space, in SpaceX rockets

There will be the ashes of the star trek creator, Gene Roddenberryand his wife, Majel Barrett-Roddenberrywho played various roles in the series, such as that of a nurse.

In addition, it will also take the ashes of the recently deceased into space Nichelle NicholsLieutenant Uhura, DeForest Kelleythe mythical Doctor McCoy, and James Doohanwho played the charismatic Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the movies and the TV series.

This deep space journey will be possible thanks to United Launch Alliance, an alliance between Boeing, Lockheed Martin and the US Space Force to organize launches of spacecraft for the US government. They have been developing the Centauro Vulcano rocket since 2014which will take off for the first time this year.

Vulcan Centaur

The flight is managed by Celestis, a company specializing in organizing space funerals. He centaur vulcan rocket it will pass the James Webb telescope, which orbits a million kilometers from Earth, and will travel to deep spacebeyond the Solar System.

If you have gotten nostalgic for star trekremember that you can watch the legendary original series completely free and without registration, on Pluto TV.

He dna of 4 American presidents going to travel to the space this year, in the mission business of Celestisaboard the rocket Vulcan Centaur. A symbolic flight that will take them beyond the Solar System.


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