This Holy Week Getxo (Bizkaia) has won the prize for having the best French toast in Spain. Specifically, the prize went to the Gabiria butcher shop, a family business that bears the paternal surname and little by little it has been gaining its fame for winning many gastronomic contests at the hands of Aritza Gabiria.

Starting with the best traditional cachopo from the first contest in Bizkaia or the best beef burger from the Leioa School of Hospitality contest, now it is the turn of the French toast.

What is really striking is that its creator is an ex-diver who, after the crisis, returned to Getxo from Almería to lend a hand in the family business, which he has barely been in for five years. “My dad wanted to put a kitchen in the butcher’s shop, he asked me if he could count on me and I said go ahead. I’ve come a long way in this life”Gabiria explains.

In 2019 they already won the prize, but that did not prevent the jury from opting for its production again this year. The recipe, awarded with 1,000 euros, is quite simple. “It only has bread (from the Zuricalday Algorta pastry shop), milk, sugar, egg and cinnamon”Gabiria explains.

The secret of the best French toast in Spain is within everyone’s reach

For his mother, on the other hand, there is a fundamental ingredienthim: “What we invest the most is in time because time gives it flavor”. The result once again convinced the members of the jury, among whom was the master pastry chef from the Arranz de Pedrajas Pastry Shop (Valladolid), Julián Arranz. “It has an impeccable flavor, texture and balance of aromas”he explained.

The jury tasted a total of 50 versions of the most requested and cooked dessert in the Easter in this new edition, after making a prior selection of the 75 participants who registered, although it seems that the Gabiria Butcher shop is once again unbeatable.

Its creator acknowledges that, after receiving the recognition in 2019, they passed “From selling 25 French toast every Saturday to selling more than 200. They even ask us for them at Christmas, but it’s impossible there because I don’t have time”. Having now won the contest again, the butcher shop is sure to be brimming with new clientele. After all, who wouldn’t want to try the best French toast in Spain.

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