On March 27, in the city of possagnoin Italy, photographer Valter Binotto captured the photograph of his life. This red halo of 360 kilometers in diameter, which covered much of Italy and the Adriatic Sea, was only visible for a few milliseconds. No one saw it, except the eye of the camera.

It so happened that the photographer Valter Binotto is a specialist in photographing atmospheric phenomenaand at that time I was taking photos of a huge storm.

The camera sensor captured the image just at the moment when this spooky and immense red halo it appeared in the sky, to disappear in a matter of milliseconds.

This image created by Binotto himself allows us to see the immensity of the red ring light:

elve over italy

What are we looking at here? It is an atmospheric phenomenon discovered only a few decades ago, precisely because it is invisible to the human eye.

It was discovered by a NASA space shuttle in 1990, while photographing the Earth. Is called HE SEES o Light emissions and very low frequency disturbances due to sources of electromagnetic impulses.

This HE SEES was generated by a intense lightning in a stormexplains Spaceweather.com. Lightning so strong that it generated a intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The red ring marks the point at which the EMP reached Earth’s ionosphere. Normal lightning carries between 10 and 30 kiloamperes of current, but this lightning had 10 times more charge than normal.

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He HE SEES what we are seeing is the best photo ever captured of this phenomenon, from the earth’s surface. The perspective is a little misleading, since it seems that it is close to the rooftops. But in reality it is located 100 kilometers high.

The elves they are quite frequent, although we cannot see them. Binotto assures that he has photographed dozens, but “this is one of the biggest structures i have ever seen“.

He red halo of 360 kilometers in diameter that has appeared on Italyhas turned out to be a HE SEES. A electromagnetic pulse generated by a ray ten times more charged with energy than normal. A atmospheric phenomenon that barely lasts a few milliseconds, that’s why it is invisible to the human eye.

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