Between the days March 25 and 30can be seen in the darling a unique show. five planets Of the solar system, aligned with the moon. Is about Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

The alignment of the planets occurs when their orbits intersect on the same side of the Sun, from the perspective of the Earth. It is a phenomenon that only occurs a couple of times a yearalthough with different planets.

The most interesting thing is that all these planets can be seen with the naked eye, although Uranus is only within reach of those with the keenest eyesight. for this one, better use binocularsor a telescope.

How to see the 5 planets aligned with the Moon

The best days are before March 28since from then on Jupiter stays on the horizon, and it is very difficult to see.

If you want to contemplate this spectacular alignment of planetsmake sure there are no clouds, and get out of town, to a place where there are no ambient lights. It is advisable to bring binoculars, but they can be seen with the naked eye.

Keep in mind that the planets they will not all be visible at the same timeso you will have to be patient. And they don’t form a straight line, it looks more like an arc.

The best thing is to use applications like Sky Tonight or SkySafari, which will tell you exactly where each planet is, with the help of GPS, while you focus on the sky with your mobile.

But if you want to find them on your own, go at dusk, and wait for the Sun to set on the horizon. look a little at west from the place where the sun went downand there you will see Jupiter and Mercuryaligned, as explained by Science Alert.

After a couple of hours after sunset, Venus can be found. It is the simplest of all, since It is the brightest light in the sky, after the Moon.

Very close to Venus, a little above to the left, will be Uranus. Surely you can only see it with binoculars. The clue is that its light has a greenish hue.

Lastly, Mars is pretty easy to see, and it’s up most of the night. Is a bright reddish light to the left and above the Moon until the 27th, and below the Moon from the 28th. Remember, you can only see all of them in one night, Until the 30th of March.

The alignment of 5 planets in the skywith the Moon, is a unique spectacle that is worth enjoying, because they can be seen with the naked eye. It comes in handy to relativize the mundane problems of life on Earth…

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