The Sun has been very restless in recent months, and this is nothing compared to what is coming our way…

Solar activity occurs within a few solar cycles. Within those cycles, there is a solar maximumwhere the Sun reaches its maximum level of activity. And that’s bad news for us. Satellites, electrical installations, the Internet, and astronauts are in danger.

Activity inside the Sun causes solar storms, flares, and other spectacular phenomena on our star.

A few weeks ago we were able to see an incredible solar serpent, several times bigger than the Earth:

The solar storms They cause a lot of trouble on Earth. And this has only just begun…

The solar cycles last about 11 years. In the middle of each cycle, there is a solar maximum. This is the name given to a period in which the Sun’s magnetic field reaches the point of maximum activity.

Latest solar maximum it took place between 2012 and 2014, and was the least active in the last 100 years, according to Science Alert.

He next will take place between 2024 and 2025and seeing what is happening in recent times, everything indicates that it will be quite extreme.

What effects does a Solar Maximum have on Earth?

The movement of the plasma inside the Sun is the cause of its magnetic field, which changes continuously.

Changes in the magnetic field cause the solar storms, composed of high-energy photons that, upon reaching Earth, increase the ionization of the upper atmosphere. It generates radio interference, destruction of satellites, Internet connection failuresand even power outages.

Solar panels

are also produced Coronal Mass Events (CME), that can cause phenomena as curious as the recent aurora borealis in Extremadura.

These events are loaded with radiation, which poses a danger to astronauts. A couple of years ago a solar storm forced the crew of the International Space Station to take refuge in an area with greater anti-radiation shields, because it posed a danger to their health.

In just over a year there will be a solar maximumand we must be prepared to possible power and internet outages. We, as users, can do little.


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