“I congratulate Madrid because they have competed better and have been better, there are no excuses”


The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández, assured that the 4-0 defeat in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinal, and subsequent elimination at the hands of Real Madrid, can be summed up with the fact that the blaugranas forgave in the first part to a Real Madrid that did not do the same in the second.

“When you forgive Madrid, Madrid doesn’t forgive you. A pity, we were excited about this Cup but we were playing against the champions of the ‘Champions’, they have a great team and they have shown it in the second part,” he said at the conference press.

“You have to be effective, it would have hurt Real Madrid to lose 1-0 but we have forgiven. In the end, we have seen what happens when you don’t compete well against Real Madrid,” he added.

For Xavi, the tie is decided by details that they could not control. “We lacked order. The penalty was unfortunate. But we did a good first half. But well, congratulate Madrid on a great second half, they compete very well,” he said.

“Last year we won 0-4 and we didn’t win anything, this year you can win the League and we have the Super Cup. You have to change the chip, get people back. But the result is bulky, it’s clear. But the team has given it everything and in this I am proud of the players”, recognized the technician.

“We have forgiven and Madrid has not. I congratulate Madrid because they have competed better and have been a better team, there are no excuses. The team has had an identity throughout the first half. I have had worse nights. And you have to remember where you came from we came last year”, recalled Xavi.

This yes, recognized that the 0-4 will do damage and that it will cost to reconcile the dream. “Now we are competing against a great Real Madrid. It is difficult, a tough night that will be difficult to digest, but you have to be positive and think about Girona and LaLiga,” he said.

“With the blow from the second goal it cost us and we have conceded two more. Madrid have been better and have been effective. Madrid have this great team and they have these things. Without playing well in the first half they beat you 0-1 and in the second they have surpassed us and they have been better”, summarized.

On the other hand, he did not want to get into controversy with Vinicius. “He seems to me to be an extraordinary footballer, today he has shown it again. I don’t want controversy, I’m nobody to tell him anything, in his club they will tell him how he has to behave,” he appealed.

“The result so bulky seems something that has not been. We have competed until the end. The first part we were very good but football are moments and we did not take advantage of them. If we win La Liga and the Super Cup, in my view it will be a very good season”, concluded the Blaugrana coach.

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