The Mexican defender of RCD Espanyol, César Montes, believes that they know “how to face” games like the one this Saturday at the Santiago Bernabéu against Real Madrid, for whom they will try to “make a difficult game” in search of achieving “a good result”. in his attempt to get away from the relegation zone of LaLiga Santander.

“We know how to approach this type of match. Real Madrid has its clear objectives and so do we, we know the quality it has and it will be a very difficult match, but from humility and hard work we will try to make it a difficult match to try to bring us the three points home”, said César Montes this Thursday at a press conference.

The center-back knows that facing an attack like the Real Madrid player “is one more test”, but he clarified that, on a personal level, all matches are “a litmus test”. “In this League I have noticed it quite a lot. Now we have a rival of quite a hierarchy, with a great squad and for what it represents and the objectives it seeks, but we focus on what is ours, on working and getting a good result in their field “, he warned.

The international believes that forwards like Karim Benzema, Vinicius Jr or Rodrygo Goes are known to “everyone” and that for this reason, as a defender, he does not have to do “much study” to stop them. “We know their way of playing, what they face, at home they are very powerful,” said Montes.

“I am very excited, surely it is a special game for me, very rewarding and very motivating to face. We must face it with motivation, but also with a lot of head because we know the type of game it is. I have to try to do things well to the team”, he reflected on his first visit to the Santiago Bernabéu.

The Mexican stated that he does not look at the classification because “this is a very competitive league and you have to go game by game.” “You win two games and you go up, and you lose two and you go down. Scoring in this one would be important and special,” he remarked.

The Espanyol defender is “very happy” with his “performance” on the field since his arrival and with “the confidence” that coach Diego Martínez has given him. “Little by little I have been gaining that confidence with my performances to be a leader on the field, not only in defense, because that is one of the things that identifies me and that brought me here,” he said.

The center-back knows that “on an individual level there are always things to improve” and he celebrated having adapted well to “a new competition and a different football”, where he has found “some differences” compared to his country, “especially in the intensity and decision making.

Finally, César Montes is clear that he is “a fairly focused person” and that for this reason he is not misled by information about the possible interest of teams more powerful than Espanyol in which a compatriot of his like Héctor Moreno, “a benchmark”, it was many years

“When I was in my previous team the same thing happened and I had good performances, they are indications that I am doing things well and I am grateful, but now I am focused on the next game which is very important for us. It does not distract me personally” , he sentenced, emphasizing that he sees “years” in the Catalan club.

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