The AI ​​has taken control of a satellite in China and what it has done may hint at a most terrifying future.

China has made a significant decision by handing over control of an equipped satellite to a AI. This movement, as strange as it may seem, has generated concern throughout the world and, it is that, delivering a satellite to an AI is something that is not in the imagination of many people.

The experiment carried out by Chinese scientists has made this satellite turn its attention to Earth, although not in a general way. In fact, the attention it has paid has focused on several very specific points that have caused all alarm bells to go off on the part of scientists.

This move has raised several concerns among experts around the world, with many concerned that the AI ​​system could be used to automate attacks and increase the country’s military capabilities.

The system could also be used for surveillance purposes, further compounding privacy concerns. Notably, China has been investing heavily in AI technology in recent years.with the aim of becoming a world leader in the field over the next few years.

AI has taken over a satellite in China as part of an experiment

The country has already made significant progress in developing AI systems for a variety of applications, including facial recognition and other proposals. The use of AI in military applications raises significant ethical concerns..

The possibility of the technology being used for automated attacks raises questions about responsibility and accountability for such actions. The use of AI in military applications also raises concerns about the possibility of unintended consequences.

In fact, the curious thing is that when studying the points to which the satellite has pointed the general conclusion is that they are areas with which China would have had some conflict in the past. Yes, it seems that there is no randomness within these points monitored by the satellite.

As AI systems become more advanced, they can become increasingly difficult to control, which could lead to undesirable results. This is particularly worrying in the case of military applications.since the unintended consequences could have serious consequences.

The decision to hand over control of the satellite to the military is likely to exacerbate concerns about China’s military capabilities. It’s questionable whether the AI ​​was left free all this way, and indeed, that may just be the worst part of it.

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