NASA’s extravagant new simulated base in Houston, which aims to prepare four astronauts for future missions to Mars.

NASA has created a new habitat that simulates the conditions of a base on Mars, and everything printed in 3D, with a series of surprises inside.

This simulated building is located in a warehouse at the Johnson Space Center of the POT in Houston, and will soon house four volunteers who will be confined inside for an entire year, to prepare for future missions to Mars.

NASA scientists hope to understand the effects on human health and behavior of spending such a long period at a base on Mars.

This simulated base is a 158 m² building called Dune Alpha with four rooms, two shared bathrooms, a greenhouse to grow food, and a medical room.

His extravagant arcade

However, its recreation room stands out, which includes video consoles and board games.

In video consoles, a PlayStation 4 Slim and a SNES Mini stand out, while in regards to board games we see a Monopoly and also The Starfarers of Catan.

NASA's curious simulated Mars habitat that includes video consoles and board games

Go Nakamura/Reuters

Future astronauts will have to grow their own food, exercise, conduct science experiments, and even go outside on simulated field trips.

The most crucial part is that you will have limited food, therefore you have to grow it inside the base in order to survive.

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