SpaceX’s Starship rocket has taken off, although it has exploded four minutes after being airborne to the surprise of all attendees.

Today may be remembered as one of the most interesting and exciting days in the modern history of space exploration. SpaceX’s Starship rocket has lifted off. Yes, the rocket with which Elon Musk wants to take several astronauts to the Moon has managed to take off.

Despite the good start, not everything has gone as it should and, in fact, what has happened is that the rocket has exploded four minutes after launch. The situation is complex and, in fact, what has happened with this rocket is still unknown in full detail, but we are going to break down the situation in full.

First of all, SpaceX’s Starship rocket was scheduled to launch a couple of days ago, and for various reasons, it was cancelled. Elon Musk moved the launch of this rocket to the present day by the grace that today 4/20/2023 is known in English as 4/20, which is a reference to cannabis use.

The relationship between cannabis and space exploration aside, it’s clear that Elon Musk has a sense of humor that makes its influence extend to his companies. Everything was shot and it seemed that the rocket SpaceX It would have a most enjoyable launch, but it has not been like that.

SpaceX’s Starship rocket explodes after launch

The chosen launch base has been that of Boca Chica in South Texas, USA. The first indications about the inappropriate behavior of the rocket have been given as soon as it has been launched, when the upper part of the rocket has not separated from the lower part and, therefore, the decoupling has not occurred.

When this problem arises, what has happened is that the rocket has begun to lose altitude and, therefore, its direction has been compromised. It took less than four minutes to explode, blowing up all the expectations on the part of the people who were watching the live broadcast as those who were present in real life.

Although there is still no information about it, it should not be long before Elon Musk or SpaceX engineers offer information about the real reasons why this rocket has not been able to meet the expectations placed on it. It will be necessary to be attentive to the statements to know the situation first hand.

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